AAA Woes

   Well, we haven’t quite hit June yet and our team has started to feel the effects a season can have on a AAA club.  AAA tends to be a revolving door to the Major Leagues for certain players and generally holds a few prospects mixed with older veteran guys.  That being said, often times when you lose a player to the major leagues, you either don’t replace him at all and play short handed, or they’ll bring up an A ball players to take up the spot for the time being.  AA generally has more prospects and organizations tend to shy away from moving them up and down.

  Our team certainly has a lot of talent, but we’ve really been hit with the injury bug combined with a ton of transactions at the Major League level to our pitching staff.  Our pitching staff has really been taxed and over worked and we’ve had a tough time winning ball games consistently.  We’re going to be fine, just need to get guys healthy and start clicking on all cylinders.

  Two guys that have recently been brought up to our pitching staff are Jay Buente, and Jared Santos. Great kids that have more in common that being pitchers.  Together they started a baseball apparel company called  They have everything from undershirts, collared shirts, sweat shirts, hats and more.  Very cool stuff that is slowly making its way throughout pro clubhouses and more.  Check them out!

All for now, talk to you soon,

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Yeah, seems to be all levels of craziness right now with the Marlins starting pitching issues. Hopefully now with West up from AA and Badenhop with a good outing just today, and our bullpen doing fairly well, things can settle down a bit on both the major and the minor league levels, but I can’t imagine just the troubles all this positioning has caused for the AAA and AA team.

Good luck, and with a bit of luck (and maybe a looong winning streak for our fish) things can settle down for a while.

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