Well Under Way

    Well, we are about half way through Spring Training now, its going to a be a short and sweet one this year.  The Big League club is slowly dwindling down its roster as it approaches the team it will take into the season.  A former teamate of mine, Mike Wood joined us a few days ago, as did John Lindsey, a guy thats been around the game as long as I have.  A few other younger players getting their first taste of Big League spring training are trickling in as well.

   We’ve had some pretty wet weather here lately in Jupiter, and although it tends to cut into your work for the day, some rest for the body is always a welcomed event.  You have to really balance working through sorness in your arms and legs and being smart so you don’t hurt yourself for the start of the season.  So far I think our camp has been pretty lucky, not too many injuries and guys are progressing steadily as opening day approaches.

   At this point in camp, guys are really starting to gel and become friends and now is when it really starts to get fun. In the next week or so, the organization will start to form the teams and make some tough decisions on guys.  Looking forward to getting the season under way.

All for now. 


Hey Dave,
I noticed that you said that guys are really starting to gel and become friends, and I was just wondering who you have become friends with? Like how did it happen?

P.S. I hope that wasn’t too personal of a question

Well, you naturally become closer to the guys in your work group, specifically the infielders I work with all day. Matt Craig, Pete Laforest, Kevin Randle, Lee Mitchell. There are a lot of great guys here..its been a really fun camp.

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