The Season is Finally Here!

   Spring Training has come to and end, all of the hard work in the offseason is behind you and now its time to play ball.  We left Jupiter, FL on the 2nd of April to play an exhibition game with our AA team in Jacksonville and arrived in New Orleans yesterday to get ready for our opener in Nashville on the 9th. 

   The first few days on a new team in a new city are always interesting.  Trying to find pants that fit,  a good locker for the season, a place to live and the list goes on and on.  Its always nice to get all of that stuff out of the way, so you can settled in to a daily routine.  We’ll have a couple workouts here in New Orleans, one during the day and a simulated game under the lights to get everybody acustom to the ball park and the surface.

   We have a really well rounded team this year, and a fantastic staff to work with, I’m really looking forward to this season.  Any player will tell you that the guys you play with and the coaches you play for can really impact your season, either postively or negatively.  You are with the guys so much, that its really important that everybody get along and enjoy being around eachother or it can make for a really long season.  We’ve got some really good looking young prospects, mixed in with some good salty veterans that have been around a while, should be alot of fun. 

More, as the season gets under way!



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